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Mobile Design & Development

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We love helping our clients reach their goals and believe once you see what we have to offer, you’ll agree we are the people to partner with to take your business to the next level. To get the conversation started we are offering qualifying companies 4 hours of free consulting valued at $1000. Fill out the form below to see if you qualify

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Mobile Yourself

At Flipmind we’re keen on all things mobile. We eat, live and breathe mobile technology. Whether it’s making your current website mobile friendly or creating a full functioning mobile app, our expertise in cross platform mobile development for web is surpassed by none.

The Premiere Rugby App

iCoach is a Android & iOS app that records all aspects of a rugby game (scrums, tries, tackles, lineout's, etc). At the end the game the details of the game are submitted to the supporting website, which collates the stats and emails the coaches and players to give them the information they need to improve their game.

Mobile Web

Apps, mobile web, Android, iPhones. They’re are everywhere and continuing to become more and more popular. People are accessing your website via Smartphones and tablets now more than ever. We’re very aware that frustrating a user and potential client could cost you. We offer mobile design & development services that make your website’s mobile user experiences seamless and pleasant no matter what type of Smartphone is accessing it.