Case Study: iCoach Rugby


We architected and developed the world's only on-off field rugby statistics tracking & analysis tool.

From a ‘garden shed’ idea to an efficient, comprehensive statistics system to help Rugby coaches monitor and manage their team’s performance, i-Coach is a software development success story.

i-Coach is cutting edge technology that provides semi-professional Rugby teams with the ability to record and time-stamp statistics live for each player and the team and email them to the coaches and players as a Pdf as soon as the game is finished.

The Challenge

Tony Hargood, Founder of iCoach Rugby and a veteran rugby coach with over 20 years in the game, wanted a tool for his iPhone that could easily and simply record events (tackles, line-outs etc), during games for analysis later. He wanted something better than his current ‘pen and paper’ system, less expensive than the video analysis tools used in professional rugby and that took him 20 minutes to compile on a Sunday. Nothing existed in the market.

How we flipped it

After battling with spreadsheets and macros himself and talking to four other software development companies Tony chose the team at Flipmind to bring his idea to life. “From that first, short meeting over coffee using drawings on a piece of paper, Michael Jones and the team at Flipmind just got it and they’re not even rugby guys,” says Tony.

By listening to the big idea, following a process and understanding that a simple end-user experience was critical to the success of the project, Flipmind were able to deliver a tool that hit the mark. We first built a wire-frame version of the application’s user interface and the website required to power it online before moving into full development. We communicated regularly with Tony at every stage of the project and worked through any issues as they arose. For flexibility the final application was built in Titanium Appcelerator and ported to both iPhone and Android platforms.

The End Result

Three versions later iCoach Rugby is available from the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod and the Android Marketplace for all Android compatible Smartphones. Coaches and teams in 11 countries, the IRB Sevens, Representative Teams, Club Rugby and Junior Rugby have adopted the app and other sports are already asking if the tool can be modified for their use.

Tony never thought that iCoach Rugby would turn out to be as successful as it is. He sums up his experience with Flipmind by saying, “I just wanted something to help me coach my team better. Flipmind have delivered an app that is just so easy in comparison to anything else out there in the market. I’m over the moon. Over time we have developed a level of trust and I know that they will grow with us.”

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“Flipmind have delivered an app that is just so easy in comparison to anything else out there in the market.”
“From that first, short meeting over coffee the team at Flipmind just got it.”

Tony Hargood

CEO iCoach
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