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Why distribution is broken

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Distributors that own the rights to a brand/s and have a network of distributors (retailers) whom they stock are finding themselves with some challenging times ahead. We all know the B2C and B2B models and the thinking in and around these models. I'd suggest these models are fast becoming less then ideal in a fast moving digital landscape and replaced with B2E Business to everyone. Some will have their heads down working hard to keep the models working as best as possible which is understandable. The challenge as I see it for these types of business is getting to a view whe…

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Geo Coding in Excel

Geo Coding is the process of taking a set of street addresses and working out their latitude and longitude so you can do such things as: Plot your customer's on a map See how far customers travel to reach your store Learn where it's safe to eat in Wanganui A number of services can be used to Geo Code your addresses such as: Google Maps Microsoft Bing Yahoo Place Finder Among others.  Most of these tools have a free level that allows you to geocode X addresses per day and a paid level where you are changed based on each address you fetch the latitude and longi…

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Moment and Content Marketing for 2016

Goodbye 2015 thanks for the ride it's been awesome, you showed us how our customers understood that responsive (device ready) was the next big fix for their websites and integrating digital and traditional marketing can drive single day sales to new all time highs.Hello 2016! the year of The Golden Monkey, with the year now well underway we ask the question: What should customers focus on and how do we achieve even more customers and increase sales?Take control of your content and brand perception! Here is how it worked for one major brand.Moment MarketingWikipedia def…

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Cowboys & Search Engine Optimization

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There seems to be overwhelming amount of cowboy's purporting to specialise in Search Engine Optimization, we get a couple emails a week from these businesses. They all claim amazing results "40,000 visits in a day", "Get your site a #1 ranking" etc. The fact of the matter is there’s no sure fire way to get your site at the top of Google’s Organic Rankings and I would be very wary of any company that purports to do so. Google itself states “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”. It’s also of note that some SEO companies see Search En…

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Flipmind expands with Sydney office

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Flipmind is pleased to announce that its expanded into Australia with its New South Wales based Office. Based in Ultimo Sydney, the Australian division will be headed by Flipmind's Australian Sales Director David Messum. David brings bags of experience from his roles as a Project Manager at Global Red Australia and his most recent assignment as Director of Just the Drop Ltd. David and the rest of the Team at Flipmind is looking forward to bringing its expertise in web design and development to Australian based companies as well as NZ clients in the years ahead. To get intou…

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